APV Launches JARVIS an AI-based Facebook Advertising Agent

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 22-Jun-2020 14:32:45
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We're pleased to advise that leading SMB SaaS platform, AppsVillage (ASX: APV), announced on 18 June 2020 the launch of its new software platform, named JARVIS, built to serve as a virtual marketing manager for SMBs to build intelligent online advertising campaigns. The artificial intelligence algorithm draws on the SMB’s Facebook pages data to learn about the product or service and construct a Facebook promotion campaign that will yield the best customer reach, call to action and user conversion results for millions of SMBs at once.

APV's market cap is $12m - imagine its market cap once word spreads that SMBs can launch an effective Facebook campaign with 1 click! As JARVIS gets smarter, word will spread faster.

Please click here for the announcement and on the following links for relevant videos outlining the impact of Jarvis on SMBs:

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