ASX Announcement: Elsight Ltd (ELS) finally despatches samples of its flagship product to customers

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 27-Nov-2019 16:57:28
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We're pleased to forward Elsight Ltd's (ASX: ELS) announcement yesterday that Halo is finally ready for commercial deployment, with 90 units en route to a select group of strategic customers.

This is arguably the most significant announcement in the Company's history. Halo's size enables it to attach to a drone, tablet, camera etc where Elsight's previous version needed to be carried in a backpack. Halo opens the market to exponentially more use cases.

The market didn't respond meaning that either the company is back below the radar or the market is concerned about funding. In the recent 4C, the Company confirmed that they were in advanced discussions with debt funders. With the Halo milestone achieved, there wouldn't be much left in the way.

Please click here for the announcement.


Elsight has effectively developed a "power SIM card"! By aggregating data across 4 SIMs, Elsight can deliver:

  • high bandwidth (eg 4K video) over cellular networks, 
  • with the lowest latency (<0.2 sec) 
  • unhackable (the data is scrambled across 4 carriers) and
  • unparalleled redundancy across the 4 carriers.

Elsight is a provider of ground-breaking hybrid video and data transmission services for large safe-city projects, sensitive facilities management, and surveillance and protective activities. Please click here for a 1 min video

Halo vid

The Company is now poised to launch Halo, a revolutionary new product based on existing proven technology with the potential to significantly generate material revenue with contracts with multinational OEMs and Telco's. 


Elsight Ltd (ASX: ELS)

Ticker: ASX: ELS                            

Market Cap: ~$40 million                   

Sector: B2B


Investment Highlights

  • First to market with a superior product offering that delivers faster, more secure data transmission than competitors
  • ELS in discussion with some of the world’s biggest telecommunications companies, leading suppliers, manufacturers of autonomous vehicles and multiple government departments
  • Leveraged to huge, strong growing market verticals of drones, tablets, security cameras, IOT and autonomous vehicles
  • Strong pipeline of over 200 leads, supported by enhanced sales capabilities in Australia and Asia, with commercial contracts expected to be signed in Q4 2019
  • Launch of cloud-based customer solution in 4Q 2019 will add another revenue stream which is recurring in nature


Elsight is a cutting-edge video communications and live data transmission solutions provider for organisations across defence and security, sensitive facilities management, large-scale Safe-City projects, as well as surveillance and protective activities.

Elsight has two existing direct-to-client offerings, Rider and Multichannel, and targeting such industries as defence, homeland security, industrial security, broadcasting, first responders and healthcare. It is preparing to launch its "company maker" Halo next month for commercialisation, a multi-sim solution with an OEM Channel strategy targeting Original Electronics Manufacturers in many of the world’s fastest growing verticals such as unmanned vehicles and automotive, cyber security, network technology, telecommunications and aviation. Halo's key focus will be on larger contracts with multinational companies. 

These unique end-market opportunities combined with the world’s leading secure data transmission technology provides the foundation for significant value creation potential over the short, medium and long term. 


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