ASX200 P.M Wrap 9 Feb 2018

Posted by Billy Macris on 09-Feb-2018 16:23:19
So the week comes to a close with the ASX200 closing at 5838.00 for a loss of 52.70 points or -0.89% which was probably far better than most would have expected given the extent of the moves we saw in offshore markets last night. The number of stocks trading in positive territory gradually increased as the afternoon progressed but no doubt most will be going home today with a degree of scepticism as to whether or not we will see another wave of selling or see some squaring up in the U.S tonight.  In addition to the gold miners listed earlier we saw the likes of JBH +0.46% , FMG +0.60%, REA +2.04 and CAR +2.32% all finished the day stronger. In currency markets the AUDUSD is trading at 0.7778, EURUSD  1.2251, USDJPY, 108.94 for what remained a relatively quiet session during our day. All eyes will be on bond markets tonight to determine whether or not continued perceived increases in rates will send equity markets into another spin.

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