Elsight (ASX: ELS) announces US$323k order - largest to-date (last trade 61.5c)

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 23-Oct-2018 12:14:14
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We are pleased to report that Elsight Ltd (ASX: ELS) announced today its largest order to-date: a US$323k order to its partner, Traffilog to "the same UK security agency project as in the first order."

ELS is getting traction in:

  • Defence, Security and Transport,
  • in Israel, UK, Asia and expected to be the USA based on the number of trips they've made to the USA this year.
The number and increasing size of orders to such leading agencies indicates that as well as the breadth of ELS's pipeline, there is depth as proof of concept orders begin to rollout through these mammoth organisations, more than justifying the lengthy sales cycles.

Please click here for the full announcement.

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