Elsight (ASX: ELS) Stockhead article: "Global manufacturers are getting excited for HALO"

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 11-Jun-2019 12:40:00
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We are pleased to share today's article covering Elsight (ASX: ELS) on Stockhead:

Also note that ELS currently represents an attractive purchasing opportunity as the share has fallen due to 50% of the shares on issue (48m/95m) coming out of escrow today. The shares were 73c less than a month ago. Please contact me to discuss how best to take advantage of this opportunity.

This "discount" has eventuated as the escrow has been released before the completion of Elsight's flagship product, Halo: Click here for a 1 min video

Elsight has effectively developed a "power SIM card"! By aggregating data across 4 SIMs, Elsight can deliver:

  • high bandwidth (eg 4K video) over cellular networks, 
  • with the lowest latency (<0.2 sec) and 
  • unhackable (the data is scrambled across 4 carriers). 

And Halo will deliver this within the device (camera, tablet, drone etc) whereby the customer no longer needs to buy, integrate and carry in a backpack, Elsight's "Power SIM".

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