European Market Update 23 August 2018

Posted by Tim Sholl on 23-Aug-2018 23:20:04

European investors are watching a slow day in the markets with Stock Indices up in France , the Uk , and Germany but only slightly and down in Italy by 0.37% . Trade issues were front and centre as the US tariffs of 25% were placed on US$16 bn and the Chinese matched them with tariffs of their own.  Trade talks continue between the US and China but they are low level.

In the FX markets we see the US Dollar improving after some falls this week. The EUR is last at 1.1565 down 0.27% , the GBP is at 1.2855 down 0.46% , and the JPY is at 110.93 weaker by 0.34%. The DXY is now at 95.26 up 0.21% , and Gold has fallen back down to be at 1190.05 down 0.43%. Brent crude continues higher and is at 74.43 , down 0.48% after reaching 75.00 last night.

Bond yields have been lower this week , but in general not much movement as markets are waiting on the US Fed rate decision in early September before they tame any major risk.

PMI numbers were out earlier with France composite PMI at 55.1 v 54.7 exp , German Composite PMI at 55.7 v 55.3 exp , and the Eurozone composite PMI at 54.4 v 54.5 exp. So numbers still positive above 50.


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