European Market Update Mar 14 2018

Posted by Tim Sholl on 14-Mar-2018 20:42:42


Daily Chart - DAX Index CFD - still struggling to make sustained move higher.

European markets are all slightly stronger with FTSE at 7160 up 21 , the DAX at 12244 up 23 and CAC is at 5251 up 8 , after a weak end to the US session and followed by weakness also across Asia on the basis that a Trade war between China and the US is more likely.

Markets have also watched a speech by ECB chair Mario Draghi where he discussed the current monetary policy - he basically said inflation was moving in the correct direction (higher towards 2.0%) but that the ECB can remain patient. He also said that rates will remain very low for a long time. The EUR has weakened on the back of these comments to be trading at 1.2376 down 14 , with GBP at 1.3960 down 2 , and JPY at 106.52 down 5.

The threat of retaliation in the trade war has increased as Trump now talks of adding tariffs to other Chinese products , so markets are cautious until they see how widespread this becomes.

Investors are waiting for Eurozone Industrial Production due out shortly and expecting 5.0% y/y.



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