US Market Update 22 Jan 2018

Posted by Tim Sholl on 23-Jan-2018 01:36:28

US markets look like opening under a little pressure after the Govt shutdown over the weekend. Markets usually ignore the shutdowns as they happen quite regularly and usually get resolved with no damage to market.

We have the Dow at 25986 down 83 , S&P500 at 2805 down 4 and Nasdaq at 6829 down 3 , which is only slightly under record levels.  US Dollar index remains weak at 90.23 down 14. EUR is at 1.2245 up 28 , GBP is at 1.3922 up 71 , and JPY is at 110.76 up 6. Oil remains under a little pressure at 63.43.

No major news in US tonight. Bank of Japan meeting concludes on Tuesday but no change expected.

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