Market observations from the 558 pt drop on the Dow on Friday

Posted by Greg Tolpigin on 10-Dec-2018 09:36:10

Ongoing weakness in US equities makes the underlying tone seriously negative, especially heading into 2019.

The 2600 on the S&P 500 looks vulnerable and a test of the 2018 lows in the 2550/2532 zone is the next immediate stop.

The move in bond yields continues to be lower (Australian 10's are still the best bet) and higher gold/silver add to the immediate thematic risks. GDX and GDXJ technically look awesome with SBM the best locally. I like the setup on gold and believe more gold equities will follow.

Sub sectors like semiconductors (SOXX ETF) are vulnerable.

Monday continuation of the Friday sell-off is likely - be careful trying to pick a low.

Limited bounce in Europe makes the entire region a "no buy zone".

XJO 5600/5582 is the key. It looks to be building here for an eventual break lower. Best case we fall couple of 150-200 points and rebound for a short term. Worst case we slice through, and start a relentless but orderly persistent downtrend that gives no meaningful bounce to short or sell.

Stocks like RIO through $72 look to be eyeing $66.

AUD looks weak and I see that as an orderly ongoing slide lower.

TCL, NSR, SKI, SYD  - to have underlying bid tone as yields slide locally.

 Start thinking about a weak Xmas retail spending period and its impact on retailers - SUL a great short here.

This will set the tone for the property/mortgage/consumer overhang of 2019.

XJO target remains 4800/4700.


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