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ASX Announcement: Elsight Ltd (ELS) finally despatches samples of its flagship product to customers

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 27-Nov-2019 16:57:28

We're pleased to forward Elsight Ltd's (ASX: ELS) announcement yesterday that Halo is finally ready for commercial deployment, with 90 units en route to a select group of strategic customers.

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Elsight Ltd (ASX: ELS): First order of flagship product (Halo)

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 30-Oct-2019 10:21:37

We're pleased to share with you this morning's announcement that Elsight has received its first order for Halo. Halo will be released to several large qualified organisations in December 2019. But Elsight is excited to have received this order from Airobotics. Airobotics is the world's leading unmanned drone operator and this order is great validation and an excellent precursor to Halo's imminent launch.

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Elsight announces voluntary escrow agreement

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 27-Aug-2019 18:17:15

We’re pleased to report that today Elsight Limited (ASX: “ELS”) announced that key shareholders have entered into a voluntary escrow agreement for 44m unrestricted ELS shares, being 46% of Elsight's issued capital. As per the price chart below, the announcement in May of 50% of the market cap being released from escrow caused a fall from 70c to 35c! Today’s announcement saw a 10% rise to 40c.

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Elsight (ASX: ELS) Stockhead article: "Global manufacturers are getting excited for HALO"

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 11-Jun-2019 12:40:00

We are pleased to share today's article covering Elsight (ASX: ELS) on Stockhead:

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Elsight (ASX: ELS) reports another record  quarter

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 10-Apr-2019 15:28:44

We’re pleased to share Elsight’s announcement today, confirming:

  1. the existing product range grew at 100% in Q1 v prior year; and
  2. the Halo product has been exceptionally well received by Tier 1 manufacturers (OEMs) around the world. These OEMs include manufacturers of drones, cars, tablets and security cameras.

Elsight followed up its successful launch of Halo at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with a great response from organisations at the Milipol (Military / Police) conference in Singapore. It didn't hurt that the chair of the conference was Mr Khoo Boon Hui, the recent addition to Elsight's Advisory Board.

Please click here for today’s announcement.

Also click here for an article published in Stockhead today.

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Elsight (ASX: ELS) receives repeat orders

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 29-Mar-2019 10:38:12

We're pleased to share that Elsight (ASX: ELS) has received repeat orders of its Rider units to its Traffilog and Alrena.

Traffilog is a key partner of Elsight, selling Elsight's Rider system as an add-on to its fleet management solution which they sell globally. To-date Traffilog has been selling the Rider system to a UK security agency and we're pleased to see that this order is to a new customer: "a large public transport fleet project".



As announced in December, the Alrena rollout was delayed and was invigorated by public and private French investment. It is also pleasing to see that Alrena's orders are on track, continuing to roll out the systems to emergency teams in France.

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Elsight Unveils Halo Communication Platform at the World’s Largest Mobile Technology Show

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 26-Feb-2019 10:14:52

We're pleased to share today's ASX announcement that ELS has launched its revolutionary chip, called "Halo" . Elsight unveiled Halo today at the largest mobile expo: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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A video on Elsight's newly launched telemedicine solution

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 14-Dec-2018 13:29:07

Further to Monday's announcement of the $500,000 purchase order for telemedicine solutions, please click on the video link below to see the newly launched solution in France. The telemedicine case includes a high resolution video camera, wireless stethoscope, screen and Elsight's multichannel device providing real time transmission of video and data to the hospital or panel of doctors for immediate remote medical assistance in real time. This empowers the mobile and extensive (in number and geography) firefighting network to follow doctors' directions to save lives. The intention is to roll this solution out globally:

HubSpot Video
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