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Elsight (ASX:ELS) appoints Gleneagle as Corporate Adviser

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 25-May-2018 11:34:26

We at Gleneagle are pleased to advise that we have been appointed as Corporate Adviser to Elsight (ASX:ELS). We look forward to working with the Company to get the message out about Elsight's commanding position in the video on the move communications sector. Elsight is the only solution to distribute 4K resolution (ie broadcast quality) video over cellular networks ‘on the move’ with 0.5 second latency. The nearest competitor suffers 60 second latency.

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U.S Market wrap

Posted by Billy Macris on 12-Dec-2017 09:18:00
U.S equity markets finished stronger with the Dow +56.87 pts, S&P 500 +8.49 pts and Nasdaq +35.00 pts. Vix settled lower at 9.34 as first day of CBOE bitcoin futures trading went smoothly. DIS +2.49% and AAPL +1.95% among the best performers in the Dow. 
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