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Elsight (ASX: ELS) reports another record  quarter

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 10-Apr-2019 15:28:44

We’re pleased to share Elsight’s announcement today, confirming:

  1. the existing product range grew at 100% in Q1 v prior year; and
  2. the Halo product has been exceptionally well received by Tier 1 manufacturers (OEMs) around the world. These OEMs include manufacturers of drones, cars, tablets and security cameras.

Elsight followed up its successful launch of Halo at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with a great response from organisations at the Milipol (Military / Police) conference in Singapore. It didn't hurt that the chair of the conference was Mr Khoo Boon Hui, the recent addition to Elsight's Advisory Board.

Please click here for today’s announcement.

Also click here for an article published in Stockhead today.

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GT's Preparation for Correction

Posted by Greg Tolpigin on 22-Oct-2018 12:50:19

We're pleased to share the latest market observations by Greg Tolpigin, Head of Proprietary Trading at Gleneagle Securities. Greg provides these commentaries every few months when a key theme emerges. Here Greg compares the last 5 corrections in order to develop a strategy to prepare for the next one, which he expects in 2019. Please contact us for further queries or subscribe (on the right of this page) to receive further updates. 

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Elsight (ASX: ELS) wins another significant military tender

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 08-Aug-2018 11:53:44

We're pleased to advise that Elsight has been awarded sole supplier status by the key Israeli defence agency. This win further confirms Elsight's dominance in the Communications-on-the-move sector as competing bidders were unable to meet the technical requirements.

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ASX Announcement: Elsight appoints Raj Logaraj to the Board - Revenue focus!

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 02-Aug-2018 10:35:05

We’re pleased to advise that Gleneagle has successfully recruited Raj Logaraj to join the Board of Elsight. Gleneagle will work closely with Raj to expand Elsight’s pipeline in the Indo Pacific region – namely, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and, of course, Australia.

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Thai Cave Rescue: Dipio's founder assists to locate missing boys

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 09-Jul-2018 21:49:08

We're very proud that Dipio's founder, Asaf Zmirly, has assisted to locate and rescue the boys who were lost in the Thai cave. Within the same day of contacting Asaf, the team flew with the special communication equipment from Israel to Thailand, and assisted in finding the boys. Asaf's expertise in communication and special operations helped him to find the proper solution. As per the interviews below, Asaf chose Maxtech's unique mesh technology to facilitate communications to the Thai Navy Seals operation and to find the boys. Mesh technology enables each handset to provide connectivity to the nearby handsets thereby establishing a communications link all the way through the cave.

Of course, this is the second time in recent years, that Israel has provided invaluable support to Thailand in her time of need.

We look forward to the speedy rescue of the remaining boys and full recovery of all concerned. Deepest  sympathies to the heroic diver who gave his life to rescue the boys.

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Elsight (ASX: ELS) Research Note - $2.60 Price Target

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 27-Nov-2017 20:23:28

We're pleased to share the following update regarding, Elsight Limited, a fast growing Israeli technology company, disrupting over 6 industry verticals, including autonomous vehicles:

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