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MKR Quarterly Sep 20

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 30-Oct-2020 05:15:01

We're pleased to provide the MKR update just received from Claymore Capital, adviser to MKR since its inception. With Gleneagle's clients having invested in the pre-IPO (15c) and the IPO (20c), we remain excited about MKR's prospects. Please also:

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MKR article in AFR, up 75% within 2 weeks of IPO

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 28-Jul-2020 12:19:00

Manuka Resources Ltd (ASX: MKR), which we helped IPO at 20c and is now 35c - up 75% since the IPO 2 weeks ago.

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MKR IPO's this morning 30% above IPO!

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 14-Jul-2020 13:11:01

We're pleased to announce that a Gleneagle "House" stock, Manuka Resources Ltd (ASX: MKR) commenced trading on the ASX at 10.30 am this morning. It's current price is 26c (v IPO price of 20c). Gleneagle funded the pre-IPO and a significant part of the $7m IPO.

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HE8.AX progressing on its first frack...

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 15-Aug-2019 23:55:29

We are pleased to start providing regular updates on the first series of fracks by Helios Energy Ltd (HE8). Gleneagle is proud to be the adviser for HE8, having been associated since it's RTO at 2c 2 years ago. Up over 800% since then and more joy ahead upon a successful frack. Below is the update from the past two announcements today and Monday:

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Helios Energy (ASX: HE8) Private Placement by Gleneagle

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 17-Dec-2018 15:08:58

For Sophisticated (s708) Investors only

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ASX Announcement: HE8

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 27-Aug-2018 11:14:42

New Oil Discovery in Presidio Oil: Project Oil Discovery in the Ojinaga Shale Formation

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