Thai Cave Rescue: Dipio's founder assists to locate missing boys

Posted by Justin Rosenberg on 09-Jul-2018 21:49:08
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We're very proud that Dipio's founder, Asaf Zmirly, has assisted to locate and rescue the boys who were lost in the Thai cave. Within the same day of contacting Asaf, the team flew with the special communication equipment from Israel to Thailand, and assisted in finding the boys. Asaf's expertise in communication and special operations helped him to find the proper solution. As per the interviews below, Asaf chose Maxtech's unique mesh technology to facilitate communications to the Thai Navy Seals operation and to find the boys. Mesh technology enables each handset to provide connectivity to the nearby handsets thereby establishing a communications link all the way through the cave.

Of course, this is the second time in recent years, that Israel has provided invaluable support to Thailand in her time of need.

We look forward to the speedy rescue of the remaining boys and full recovery of all concerned. Deepest  sympathies to the heroic diver who gave his life to rescue the boys.

CNN interview with the technologist brought in by Asaf:



Israel News interview with Asaf (apologies, it's in Hebrew and on its side!)

Asaf video-207985

ABC (USA) 's coverage based on Asaf's footage and photographs:  

Here are pictures of Asaf at the scene - including wearing the Thai Navy Seal T shirt.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-09 at 7.10.03 PM (1)














Other news articles in Thailand, UK, Israel: (get Google to translate!) 

Translated article from Israeli KAN


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Dipio has just received payment from its first customer, the ambulance service of Israel (Magen David Adom) - a network of 30,000 Dipio users!

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